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Trusted Commercial Development Experts

We are a team of commercial real estate experts with progressive expertise in multi million dollar developments. We specialize in optimum planning, superior design, and sustainable building with an emphasis on the environment, the community and governance. 


Our mission is to provide quality work while managing risks, executing objectives and maintaining milestones for our client. People are the essence of our business from our strategic partnerships, clients, capital partners and trade partners. 

Our success yields from managing risks through our strategic systems, methodology and execution resulting in successful projects that deliver on time and within budget.

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Yellow Wall_edited.png

Improving the development life cycle experience through superior planning, design, engineering, construction and maintenance practices.  



The Miles Development Group works to improve climate change in all of its developments  through  energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste, sourcing local materials and more initiatives that support the wellbeing of the Earth.

-Improving energy efficiency 

-Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation

-Energy saving methods:

  • lighting retrofits

  • cool roofs

  • installing smart thermostats

  • energy-efficient appliances

  • electric vehicle charging stations

  • Improving water conservation through the installation of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures

  • water detention system

  • Improving landscape irrigation practices -Incorporating native plants 

  • Reducing waste

  • Recycling  and restoring soil and disturbed habitats during the construction phase

  • Evaluating green building certifications

  • Facilitating tenant well-being through convenient fitness facilities

  • Improving indoor air quality.


 The Miles Development Group is committed to enhancing local communities through our development platform and making a meaningful and positive impact in each community where we build.  We support the needs of the communities in which we work and operates.

Our targeted areas for support include but are not limited to


The Miles Development Group supports good corporate governance practices and adheres to ethical standards.

Our long term strategy operates from the highest ethical business standards that respect cultural values and ethical identities.

We do not discriminate based on Race, Gender, Disability, Language or Social Status.

Our Philosophy is simple: Quality work and trustworthy execution for our clients. 


People are the core of our business, from our strategic partnerships, clients, capital partners, trade partners and employees.

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